Virgo Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

You have lots on your plate currently which always brings the question to mind, will you spill some of it? The weeks before your birthday may have been tumultuous, and the days leading up to the year will be spent undoing themselves and by the time the New Year sets in, you will be raring to go. Whatever you can imagine, you can achieve in the first six months of the year except for things that lay between the flying and shapeshifting spectrum.

Your spirituality will witness a resurgence this year. Punctuate your thoroughly busy lifestyle with a few gym sessions every now and then and things shall be perfect. The planet Mars is currently in Pisces and your twelfth house which explains the restlessness and drowsy mood you have found yourself in all of a sudden. No storms or strong currents to be expected in your professional or personal lives so it will be smooth sailing. Slow down Aries. The usually confident and resolute Taurus is expected to return soon but not soon enough and these are particularly cumbersome times for you.

Take full advantage of your reestablished ties with friends and family to explore these vulnerabilities for they will shower you with their full support and affection.

Expect a small financial gain today should you take a risk. There has been a persistent friction between you and a loved one since the past few weeks but things will take a turn for the better today, leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste.

This reconciliation will set the tone for most of your day. Your daily commute and responsibilities will drain your energy far more than they do but the good news is that a day only lasts for 24 hours and you will soon be in bed recharging your batteries and looking forward to a new day. Tip of the day: The early bird gets the worm dear Gemini.

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Your day is expected to begin with a battle and it will involve several unsuccessful attempts getting out of bed, so good luck. Because this is the perfect opportunity for you before the year draws to an end, taking Mars away from your Pisces and ninth house.

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Invest fearlessly or even take a trip abroad for nothing is as nourishing and rewarding as experiencing a new culture and striking off a country from your travel bucket list. Your romantic partner could grow tired of you cribbing about something that has been bothering you for a while, whether its work related or something about your personal life.

Focus on resolving it dear Cancer, not on complaining about it. Tip of the day: Diplomacy is a wonderfully underrated quality to have Cancer, but not always wise to wield. Try being honest today and watch yourself be surprised with the results. Take a deep breath and grab a pinch of salt because currently you are being it and the people around you are bearing the brunt of it. Make some time to have a meaningfully productive talk with the people around you, and for once try to listen with a level head and open mind.

In other aspects of your life, not much shall change but tomorrow is another day right? You have overburdened yourself with tasks and chores that have exhausted you. It might be a good idea to take things easy and consider some rest between all the running to and from that you have been putting yourself through.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th December 2018

The year ahead allows to you settle and grow in domestic or family life, with a major emphasis on home spaces and where you live. Taking a formal or serious approach to love and affections is of utmost importance in the year ahead, with things you enjoy or cherish gaining in significance. Finding what — or who — you really love is another area for exploration, as your amorous nature is awakened over the Christmas holidays. You can welcome with a fresh perspective on producing or expressing something commendable in the world, from a creative or artistic passion project, to a baby or business or blog!

Recognize the balance to be met across your ability to engage with friends, colleagues, peers or society at large, and the need to honor your own interests.

Virgo 12222 horoscope

Personal passions hold your focus January 5th and again on July 16th — a moment that could pave the way for quiet reflection. Mid-August provides the perfect window to truly escape, yet by the 30th be ready to re-engage, refreshed and rejuvenated. Growth planet Jupiter is expanding your home zone and boosting your nesting tendencies from November, Virgo. For the year ahead you can indulge your inner domestic goddess, or open up your space to new members, with the stars twinkling in your surroundings. Expect to learn plenty about your inner emotional landscape, as Jupiter shines his beacon of light underfoot.

See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here. This is also the area of life governing your talents, and how you express yourself through art or producing something of interest — from music to written words or even a baby! This is often explored through faith or our understanding of spirituality, through learning and education, through travel or other quests that enlighten us, and broaden our scope.